Eat Well - Play Outside

Rather than being in a state of hustle and constant hurry, the finer things in life take time. This means trekking miles for the peace of the backcountry, patiently calling in a bugling elk through the aspen, smoking a brisket over the coals for that melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. For us, this also means raising quality, grass-fed beef on pasture while improving the land through regenerative practices. Here at Uncompahgre Farms, we emulate natural processes by grazing the cattle in diverse, native pastures and moving them often, allowing their added organic matter to work into the soil, revitalizing plant growth and improving the land’s ability to store water and carbon. Given their natural lifestyle and proper management the cattle flourish without antibiotics or hormones before being dry-aged for up to twenty-one days for richly marbled cuts. Yes, this takes more time and work on our part, but we know the improved land, the craft beef, and providing an honest product to thoughtful customers is worth it. Your purchase helps us preserve the land we all value, so we can continue to eat well and play outside. Thank you for your continued support!